So I’ve recently rekindled my relationship with God and what better way to record my journey than through my very own blog.

I’m a twenty year old woman and what a life I’ve had! When I was 13, I went through depression and faced suicide. Turning this into a positive light, this is when I found God.

However, when the teenage years crept upon me, peer pressure tied me down. Although, I stayed away from the clubs, drugs, cigarettes and drunkenness, I would deny being a Christian to my friends – scared of being bullied. (I was bullied for other things, mind you!

At the beginning of this year, I found a lovely church, where I’ve been welcomed into open arms. The fellowship have kept me within their reach (despite me being one of the youngest there!) and watered my Christian seed again.

To find a church was my new year’s resolution and looks like I have stuck by it for once!

I have completed the Alpha course and I’m currently taking the Discipleship course now.

My relationship with God is restoring to an amazing strength  and I hope I can hold onto my Father’s hand. He has never let go of me in the first place!

I would really love for fellow Christians or perhaps you are a person who is curious about God or perhaps you are follower of another religion to follow my blog and comment on the posts. I want to hear your thoughts on your journey with God.